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So Many Feathers
A DVD about birds

Maslowski Productions, a leading contributor of photography to bird magazines, books and calendars for half a century proudly presents a new video DVD, So Many FEATHERS.

Play a short sample from the So Many Feathers DVD

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So Many FEATHERS compresses a year's worth of good birding into an hour of intense video.

Vignettes such as "Pictures of the Kids" and "For Those Who Can't Sleep" will entertain casual and intense birders alike.


So Many Feathers DVD

15 years of award winning footage of songbirds in their natural surroundings!
60 minutes of fun and relaxation!

Regular price: $19.95

Special value, limited time only -- $11.50! with any order.

Order just the DVD at the standard price of $19.95.


So Many FEATHERS offers a series of nearly 20 vignettes about birds from the backyard and across the continent. These mini stories cover a delightful range of inspiring, thoughtful, and humorous avian moments. Although the show's opening line states, "People do not birdwatch for the plot", viewers are apt to find this freestyle show about the life of birds highly engaging.

The DVD is divided into two broad section. The first one covers birds of the backyard. The second part travels across the continent, habitat by habitat. The announcer's audio track is optional, and the species identifications can be toggled on and off.  An integrated natural sound and music track enhances it all.


Steve Maslowski is also a reknowned still photographer. We hope you will enjoy some of his photographs. Images like these abound in the DVD movie but have the attraction of full video.

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