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Backyard Bird Tips

Helping you enjoy your birds more.


Q. I see many birdhouses with perches. Is that a problem?


A. Perches on the front of the nesting box are not necessary since cavity-nesting birds have strong feet that allow them to easily cling to the outside of the box.

The problem with a perch is that it makes the box more accessible to predators and for nuisance birds to land and harass the occupants, sometimes preventing the parent birds from entering and feeding their young.



Q. What is important in regard to attracting birds to my backyard?


A. Water is one of the best attractants of all. If you have a spray or running water that is even better.

Developing your backyard habitat is another way to attract more birds. A variety of shrubs, vines, trees and other plants can provide food and shelter.




Q.When is the best time to clean out your birdhouses?


A. Some species may produce 3, 4 or even 5 broods, so be sure to monitor the nest box for an extended period before cleaning the box, or wait until the following spring. Some birds may use the nest box in the winter as a retreat from the cold.

If you feel like painting, be sure to paint only the outside...never the inside! No lead paint. Easy colors, not too dark and not too light. Natural wood with a good stain is always a safe bet.

Make sure your birdhouses have good ventilation and drainage.



Q. Is spring and summer feeding necessary or a waste of time?


A. Offering summer food is a treat for humans and birds alike. When folks bring in their feeders at the first sign of spring it can create hardship for the resident and migratory birds alike. Food is scarce during spring and they need our help.

Feeding your backyard birds will encourage them to bring their young to your feeders to get the good stuff and year-round denizens will remember your place.



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